Tens of Millions Owed to Investors

Tens of Millions Owed by Group Metro

Dominican Republic Developer Closes Almost $100 Million in Sales in One Day: Downward Economy? Not for Residential Resort Costa Blanca by Group Metro

“First, you look at the ‘least-disturbance approach’, which works perfectly with this development. Our duty is to build the best golf course we can, in the best way, with the best value. It’s not very often that we get the opportunity to build directly on the ocean. ”

May 7, 2008 — Last weekend, Costa Blanca – the billion-dollar project of renowned Dominican Republic developers Group Metro, held their launch event with two days of spectacular celebrations in Santo Domingo and Juan Dolio. The project was received by the Dominican Republic and international press with great enthusiasm and unquestionable success.

September 29, 2017 – Last weekend, Costa Blanca – the $50,000 project of RENOWNED Dominican Republic developers Group Metro, did’t hold another launch event with two days of spectacular celebrations.  Instead everyone one of the founder investors understands what makes Group Metro of renowned, they owe 40-70 investors $10’s of millions of dollars.

Where did all the money go? 

At one time it was thought that it went to pay for the following:

  • A 9 Hole golf course call Solares – Costablanca by Metro?
  • 52 villas (partially complete 44, 8 completed) a couple of outbuildings?
  • Road access from the highway?
  • Ground works?
  • Advertising/Sales and Marketing?
  • Bigger Parties?

Well now we know.  They didn’t make a dump.  They bought one in 2013!  During a press conference at the end of July 2013, entrepreneurs Luis José Asilis, a Dominican and president of the Metro Group, and Michael Lee-Chin, a Jamaican and president of Portland Holdings, presented themselves as the new buyers of Lajún.  The New Dump.

This was right around the time Luis José Asilis started saying Costablanca was a failure and as this time line indicates right around the time (11/23/2012)  Groupmetrosucks.com they were lining up financing for the venture.  This would certainly qualify as a Dominican brush-off.   DO YOU REALLY EVER WANT TO DO BUSINESS OR BY FROM GROUP METRO OR THIS MAN?

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