Wrecking Puerto Rico, Maria lashes Dominican Republic

Wrecking Puerto Rico, doesn’t mean much in the resort of Costablanca in the Dominican Republic!

Thankfully, Dr. Luis Asilis has almost made Costablanca bullet proof.   Hurricane Maria, that made landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday and has left 3.5 million people on the island without power.  Maria, which was a category three storm lashed out at the Dominican Republic further to the west.  There has been some flooding in the capital.  But no further destruction tendencies.  Overall Santo Domingo weathered the Hurricane well with the island being lashed by heavy rains only.  Most of the activity and the eye of the storm was approximately 95 miles off the coast near Punta Cana.  Maria headed towards the Turks and Caicos Islands and gained additional strength.

Maria became the first Category 4 storm to direct-strike Puerto Rico since 1932 – the strongest storm in 80 years. The grid is down and the storm has been described the hurricane as “the most devastating storm in over a century.”  Apparently, the electricity grid so badly that it could take years to restore power; anywhere from 4 months to 48 months.


Costablanca received heavy winds and rain, however, it managed to escape additional damage.   Groupmetro’s executives appear to be relieved at how well the resort withstood potential catastrophe.   Some wandering local resident of Juan Dolio indicated that, “God is with us, to be true and we are stronger than any hurricane. Together we will rise again and again.”  Sounds like he was specifically discussing the renowned golf course at Costablanca/White Sands.  

Storm Areas within Santo Domingo show flooding damage along with other minor damage to personal property.   



A Closer Look at the Costablanca Clubhouse

Groupmetro knows that to be a true 5-Star golf course ultimately, the clubhouse is the center-piece of any great course.  With that knowledge, the visionaries at Groupmetro made selective and painstaking choices that are reflected in the overall ‘look and feel’ of the ‘center-piece’ clubhouse.

Everyone is always very anxious to compare courses.  So we looked at a rival or sister-course, in another country steeped in corruption and disrepute – North Korea.  To be sure, this is not the Pyongyang Golf Course, in North Korea where an oppressive regime.   Are there any similarities?

Kim Jong Il, the Hermit Kingdom’s late Dear Leader is said to have shot a 34-under 38 in the one and only round he ever played. Over 18 holes, in 1994, he reportedly notched 11 holes-in-one, hmmmm.  The course, unlike Costablanca is tight and tree-lined, with fairways flanked by ledges that drop into oblivion, probably just  as difficult as the rough at Costablanca.  But straying out-of-bounds is nothing compared to what awaits if you attempt to excercise free speech in Pyongyang; it’s likely a very similar feeling to getting your money back from Dr. Luis Asilis of Groupmetro…..almost impossible.   We can’t but wonder what Dr. Luis Asilis shot at Costablanca?  The front nine was apparently actually open (for about 6-60 days just to the executives and friends).  It all sounds so familiar.  But a 34?  Although asked no handicap or golf score information was provided by the CEO of Groupmetro.

Fortunately, for anyone interested in going to North Korea, the course appears to be top-notch and nothing at all like Costablanca.